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1 Upregulation of   a KN1 homolog by transposon insertion promotes leafy head development in   lettuce PROCEEDINGS OF   THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA DEC 29 2020 Yu, Changchun Kuang, Hanhui
2 NF-Y   plays essential roles in flavonoid biosynthesis by modulating histone   modifications in tomato NEW   PHYTOLOGIST DEC 2020 Wang,   Jiafa Zhang,   Junhong
3 The   JA-responsive MYC2-BADH-like transcriptional regulatory module in Poncirus   trifoliata contributes to cold tolerance by modulation of glycine betaine   biosynthesis NEW   PHYTOLOGIST DEC 2020 Ming,   Ruhong Liu,   Ji-Hong
4 The   relationship between fluoride accumulation in tea plant and changes in leaf   cell wall structure and composition under different fluoride conditions ENVIRONMENTAL   POLLUTION FEB   1 2021 Luo,   Jinlei Chen,   Yuqiong
5 Non-indigenous   species in marine and coastal habitats of the South China Sea SCIENCE   OF THE TOTAL ENVIRONMENT MAR   10 2021 Wang,   Hui Zeng,   Zhangfan
6 Genome   sequencing and transcriptome analysis of Geotrichum citri-aurantii on citrus   reveal the potential pathogenic- and guazatine-resistance related genes GENOMICS NOV   2020 Zhao,   Juan Long,   Chao-an
7 The   HD-Zip IV transcription factor SlHDZIV8 controls multicellular trichome   morphology by regulating the expression of Hairless-2 JOURNAL   OF EXPERIMENTAL BOTANY DEC   31 2020 Xie,   Qingmin Ye,   Zhibiao; Yang, Changxian
8 The   chaperonin 60 protein SlCpn60a1 modulates photosynthesis and photorespiration   in tomato JOURNAL   OF EXPERIMENTAL BOTANY DEC   31 2020 Ye,   Jie; Chen, Weifang Zhang,   Yuyang
9 MiR858b   Inhibits Proanthocyanidin Accumulation by the Repression of DkMYB19 and   DkMYB20 in Persimmon FRONTIERS   IN PLANT SCIENCE DEC   21 2020 Yang,   Sichao Zhang,   Qinglin
10 Integration   of metabolome, histochemistry and transcriptome analysis provides insights   into lignin accumulation in oleocellosis-damaged flavedo of citrus fruit POSTHARVEST   BIOLOGY AND TECHNOLOGY FEB   2021 Zhou,   Xianyan Cheng,   Yunjiang
11 Metabolite   and Microbiome Profilings of Pickled Tea Elucidate the Role of Anaerobic   Fermentation in Promoting High Levels of Gallic Acid Accumulation JOURNAL   OF AGRICULTURAL AND FOOD CHEMISTRY NOV   25 2020 Zhang,   Huan Huang,   You-Yi
12 Characterization   of the SET DOMAIN GROUP gene family members in Camellia sinensis and   functional analysis of the SDG43 gene in abiotic stresses ENVIRONMENTAL   AND EXPERIMENTAL BOTANY FEB   2021 Chen,   Qinghua Wang,   Pu
13 Leaf   litter lignin degradation in response to understory vegetation removal in a   Masson pine plantation LAND   DEGRADATION & DEVELOPMENT FEB   28 2021 He,   Wei Wang,   Pengcheng
14 Genome-Wide   Identification and Molecular Characterization of the Growth-Regulating   Factors-Interacting Factor Gene Family in Tomato GENES DEC   2020 Ai,   Guo Zhang,   Junhong
15 Coexpression   analysis of a large-scale transcriptome identified a calmodulin-like protein   regulating the development of adventitious roots in poplar TREE   PHYSIOLOGY OCT   2020 Xiao,   Zheng'ang Wang,   Nian
16 Integrated   Transcriptomic and Metabolomic analysis reveals a transcriptional regulation   network for the biosynthesis of carotenoids and flavonoids in 'Cara cara'   navel Orange BMC   PLANT BIOLOGY JAN   7 2021 Zhang,   Haipeng Xu,   Juan; Zhang, Hongyan
17 Sensory   Quality Evaluation of Korla Pear from Different Orchards and Analysis of   Their Primary and Volatile Metabolites MOLECULES DEC   2020 Liu,   Yuan Wang,   Jiangbo; Xu, Juan
18 Exploring   Water Landscape Adaptability of Urban Spatial Development Base on Coupling   Coordination Degree Model A Case of Caidian District, Wuhan SUSTAINABILITY FEB   2021 Wang,   Min Wang,   Min
19 China's   Key Forestry Ecological Development Programs: Implementation, Environmental   Impact and Challenges FORESTS JAN   2021 Wang,   Hui Teng,   Mingjun
20 Genome-wide   Characterization of cis-acting Elements in the Promoters of Key Carotenoid   Pathway Genes from the Main Species of Genus Citrus HORTICULTURAL   PLANT JOURNAL NOV   2020 Zhu,   Kaijie; Wu, Qingjiang Deng,   Xiuxin
21 Regulation   of nucellar embryony, a mode of sporophytic apomixis in Citrus resembling   somatic embryogenesis CURRENT   OPINION IN PLANT BIOLOGY FEB   2021 Xu,   Yuantao Koltunow,   Anna Mg; Xu, Qiang
22 High-spatiotemporal-resolution   transcriptomes provide insights into fruit development and ripening in Citrus   sinensis PLANT   BIOTECHNOLOGY JOURNAL Feb  2021
Feng,   Guizhi;Wu, Juxun Yi,   Hualin
23 Clonal   integration and phosphorus management under light heterogeneity facilitate   the growth and diversity of understory vegetation and soil fungal communities SCIENCE   OF THE TOTAL ENVIRONMENT MAY   1 2021 Shi,   Xue-Ping;Bai, Yan-feng Jiang,   Chun-Qian; Wang, Yong-Jian
24 Aged   fragrance formed during the post-fermentation process of dark tea at an   industrial scale FOOD   CHEMISTRY APR   16 2021 Zhang,   Huan; Wang, Jiajia Huang,   Youyi
25 Multiomics-based   dissection of citrus flavonoid metabolism using a Citrus reticulata x   Poncirus trifoliata population HORTICULTURE   RESEARCH MAR   1 2021 Mou,   Jiaolin Deng,   Xiuxin; Wen, Weiwei
26 Isolation   and comparative proteomic analysis of mitochondria from the pulp of ripening   citrus fruit HORTICULTURE   RESEARCH FEB   1 2021 Li,   Xin Wang,   Pengwei;Cheng, Yunjiang
27 Natural   variations of TFIIA gamma gene and LOB1 promoter contribute to citrus canker   disease resistance in Atalantia buxifolia PLOS   GENETICS JAN   2021 Tang,   Xiaomei Xu,   Qiang
28 Tea   polyphenols regulate gut microbiota dysbiosis induced by antibiotic in mice FOOD   RESEARCH INTERNATIONAL MAR   2021 Li,   Jie Yang,   Xiaoping
29 Heterologous   viral suppressor of RNA silencing breaks protein-based viral immunity in   mixed viral infection SCIENCE   CHINA-LIFE SCIENCES FEB   2021 Lu,   Xu Li,   Feng
30 Current   Understandings on Magnesium Deficiency and Future Outlooks for Sustainable   Agriculture INTERNATIONAL   JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR SCIENCES FEB   2021 Chaudhry,   Ahmad Hassan Pan,   Zhiyong
31 Relationship   between Secondary Metabolism and miRNA for Important Flavor Compounds in   Different Tissues of Tea Plant (Camellia sinensis) As Revealed by Genome-Wide   miRNA Analysis JOURNAL   OF AGRICULTURAL AND FOOD CHEMISTRY FEB   17 2021 Li,   Hui Guo,   Fei
32 Antibacterial   Potential of Bacillus amyloliquefaciens GJ1 against Citrus Huanglongbing PLANTS-BASEL FEB   2021 Nan,   Jing Jiang,   Ling
33 Fertilization   and clear-cutting effect on greenhouse gases emission of pinewood nematode   damaged Masson pine plantation ECOSYSTEM   HEALTH AND SUSTAINABILITY JAN   1 2021 Zhang,   Xue; Zhao, Zeyao Mei,   Li
34 Metabolomics   analysis reveals major differential metabolites and metabolic alterations in   tea plant leaves (camellia sinensis l.) under different fluorine conditions Journal   of Plant Growth Regulation APR 2021 Jinlei   Luo Yuqiong   Chen
35 Physiological   and metabolomic responses of bermudagrass (Cynodon dactylon) to alkali stress PHYSIOLOGIA   PLANTARUM JAN   2021 Ye,   Tiantian Chan,   Zhulong
36 Global   transcriptomic network of melatonin regulated root growth in Arabidopsis GENE JAN   2021 Yang,   Li Wang,   Yanping; Chan, Zhulong
37 Ralstonia   solanacearum type III effector RipV2 encoding a novel E3 ubiquitin ligase   (NEL) is required for full virulence by suppressing plant PAMP-triggered   immunity BIOCHEMICAL   AND BIOPHYSICAL RESEARCH COMMUNICATION APR   9 2021 Cheng,   Dong Chen,   Huilan
38 Comparative   transcriptome reveals distinct starch-sugar interconversion
    patterns in potato genotypes contrasting for cold-induced sweetening
FOOD   CHEMISTRY JAN   1 2021 Liu,Xun;Chen,Lin Liu,Xun;Xie,Conghua;Nie,Bihua;Song,Botao
39 Report   A novel plant actin-microtubule bridging complex regulates cytoskeletal and   ER structure at ER-PM contact sites CURRENT   BIOLOGY MAR   22 2021 Zang,   Jingze 1.Hussey,   Patrick J.; 2.Wang, Pengwei
40 Poplar   acetylome profiling reveals lysine acetylation dynamics in seasonal bud   dormancy release PLANT   CELL AND ENVIRONMENT MAR   1 2021 Liao,   Xiaoli Ding,   Jihua
41 A   conservative pathway for coordination of cell wall biosynthesis and cell   cycle progression in plants PLANT   JOURNAL MAR 1 2021 1.Shi,   Jiewei; 2.Zhang, Qunxia Ning,   Guogui
42 Genome   of a citrus rootstock and global DNA demethylation caused by heterografting HORTICULTURE   RESEARCH DEC   1 2021 1.Huang,   Yue; 2.Xu, Yuantao Xu,   Qiang
43 Environmental   and social benefits, and their coupling coordination in urban wetland parks URBAN   FORESTRY & URBAN GREENING MAY   1 2021 Ye,   Yang Qiu,   Hongfei
44 Linking   naturalness and quality improvement of monoculture plantations in urban area:   A case study in Wuhan city, China URBAN   FORESTRY & URBAN GREENING APR   1 2021 Huang,   Xin Zhou,   Zhixiang
45 Identification   of Chlorophyll Metabolism- and Photosynthesis-Related Genes Regulating Green   Flower Color in Chrysanthemum by Integrative Transcriptome and Weighted   Correlation Network Analyses GENES MAR   1 2021 Fu,   Hansen Wang,   Caiyun
46 Phytochrome   B and PHYTOCHROME INTERACTING FACTOR8 modulate seasonal growth in trees NEW   PHYTOLOGIST MAY   2021 Ding,   Jihua 1.Ding,   Jihua; 2.Nilsson, Ove
47 Comparative   profiling and natural variation of polymethoxylated flavones in various   citrus germplasms FOOD   CHEMISTRY AUG   30 2021 Peng,   Zhaoxin 1.Chen,   Jiajing; 2.Xu, Juan
48 DkMYB14   is a bifunctional transcription factor that regulates the accumulation of   proanthocyanidin in persimmon fruit PLANT   JOURNAL MAY   2021 Chen,   Wenxing Luo,   Zhengrong
49 A   fruit ripening-associated transcription factor CsMADS5 positively regulates   carotenoid biosynthesis in citrus JOURNAL   OF EXPERIMENTAL BOTANY APR   2 2021 Lu,   Suwen Deng,   Xiuxin
50 Ethylene   activation of carotenoid biosynthesis by a novel transcription factor   CsERF061 JOURNAL   OF EXPERIMENTAL BOTANY APR   2 2021 Zhu,   Kaijie Deng,   Xiuxin
51 MAPK11   regulates seed germination and ABA signaling in tomato by phosphorylating   SnRKs JOURNAL   OF EXPERIMENTAL BOTANY FEB   27 2021 Song,   Jianwen 1.Zhang,   Junhong; 2.Ye, Zhibiao
52 The   Morphological Diversity of Plant Organs: Manipulating the Organization of   Microtubules May Do the Trick FRONTIERS   IN CELL AND DEVELOPMENTAL BIOLOGY MAR   26 2021 Bao,   Zhiru Wang,   Pengwei
53 Genome-Wide   Identification and Expression Profiling of the WOX Gene Family in Citrus   sinensis and Functional Analysis of a CsWUS Member INTERNATIONAL   JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR SCIENCES MAY   2021 Shafique   Khan, Faiza 1.Zhang,   Jin-Zhi; 2.Hu, Chun-Gen
54 Radial   growth of Pinus massoniana is influenced by temperature, precipitation, and   site conditions on the regional scale: A meta-analysis based on tree-ring   width index ECOLOGICAL   INDICATORS JUL 2021 Huang,   Xin Zhou,   Zhixiang
55 Overexpression   of ?-cyanoalanine synthase of Prunus persica increases salt tolerance by   modulating ROS metabolism and ion homeostasis ENVIRONMENTAL   AND EXPERIMENTAL BOTANY JUN 2021 Shen,   Wanqi 1.Li,   Guohuai; 2.Liu, Junwei
56 CmNAC73   Mediates the Formation of Green Color in Chrysanthemum Flowers by Directly   Activating the Expression of Chlorophyll Biosynthesis Genes HEMA1 and CRD1 GENES MAY 2021 Luo,   Jing Wang,   Caiyun
57 Reduced   expression of CsPH8, a P-type ATPase gene, is the major factor leading to the   low citrate accumulation in citrus leaves PLANT   PHYSIOLOGY AND BIOCHEMISTRY MAR 2021 Shi,   Cai-Yun Liu,   Yong-Zhong
58 Proteomic   Analysis of Potato Responding to the Invasion of Ralstonia solanacearum UW551   and Its Type III Secretion System Mutant MOLECULAR   PLANT-MICROBE INTERACTIONS APR 2021 1.Wang,   Bingsen; 2.He, Tianjiu Chen,   Huilan
59 Identification   of nucleic acid aptamers against lactate dehydrogenase via SELEX and   high-throughput sequencing ANALYTICAL   AND BIOANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY MAY 2021 Guo,   Linghui 1.Wang,   Yapei; 2.Wang, Pu
60 Transcript   profiles analysis of citrus aquaporins in response to fruit water loss during   storage PLANT   BIOLOGY MAY 2021 Zhang,   Mingfei Cheng,   Yunjiang
61 Chinese   horticulture: From basic research to industrial applications NEW   ZEALAND JOURNAL OF CROP AND HORTICULTURAL SCIENCE MAY 2021 Zeng,   Yunliu Zeng,   Yunliu
62 Distribution   of Chinese traditional villages and influencing factors for regionalization CIENCIA   RURAL 2021 Wu,   Yunong Zhang,   Bin